LISP Papers

What was meant to be a brief investigation into LISP has turned into a rather large piece of work. The following is a summary presenting the LISP papers in the correct reading order:

Setting the scene

  1. The other big network challenge
  2. Underlying causes for an expanding Internet Routing Table
  3. Internet Routing Table – the good
  4. Internet Routing Table – the bad
  5. Internet Routing Table – the ugly
  6. Greatness and failure
  7. Identity / Location


  1. LISP
  2. LISP Data Plane
  3. Routing Tables and Economics
  4. Practical LISP – Basic Control Plane
  5. Practical LISP – Monitoring LISP
  6. Practical LISP – Separate MS / MR
  7. Cisco LISP – Multihoming across xTRs
  8. MTU, security and other practical aspects (upcoming)

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